TopShelf and the Metro Drug Commission have been asked to present to the Knoxville City Beer Board. The topic; how to help businesses pass compliance checks.

As the new year approaches businesses and beer boards want to achieve 100% compliance during compliance checks. This week, in conjunction with MDC and SafeServe, we will present policy ideas and newly available tools the beer board can offer to re-inforce success within our local businesses.

Many see compliance checks as a “got cha” tactic. But think for just a moment, these are real underage people with their very real underage ID that are able to purchase alcohol without question. Many sellers and servers that fail, see an ID that states the person is under 21 but sell anyway because they misread the information. If an employee can fail this simple test, then how many actual underage people are obtaining alcohol from your business.

Compliance checks are meant to re-inforce training while allowing business owners and managers to better understand how responsible their employees are behaving in the course of their job. This in turn can stop horrific accidents or problems that lead to loss of license, large law suits, and other damages that can put any business out of business.

I am very glad to see the Knoxville Beer Board looking into alternatives to give businesses better tools to approach this problem in a common sense manner.