It’s renewal time in Tennessee

for most Retail Food Stores. This means the TABC is out and auditing, and you need to be ready!

Last year was the first year and the TABC did a lot of wrist slapping and consulting on how to do better. This year is different. This is year two and the TABC expects everyone to have it together.

So far there are 3 big issues:

  1. No copies of TABC 5-Year Manager Permits for the Designated Managers in a store. (For an example of a Manager Permit see picture for this post) If you do not have your copy contact the TABC or your corporate office.
  2. Designated Manager certificates not updated. This must be done annually.
  3. Responsible Wine Vendor Certifications not updated for clerks and managers. This must be done annually.

TopShelf has compiled a checklist to help you organize your stores.

For the complete checklist click here.