Online Learning

Check out the online courses below that will be available soon. To be notified when a new class is launched contact us and we’ll let you know.

Launch Presentation


In 2016, we’re cheering the launch of our new web-based training, TopShelf Online™. Take responsible beverage service or responsible vendor classes at your own pace, when and where you want.

Are you a seller, server or manager?

Quick turn-around time for required certifications.
State-specific alcohol laws included in course lessons and available for download.
Dynamic, on-screen instructors keep you engaged and direct attention to key points in the material.
Scenarios and interactive exercises help you retain what you learn.

Do you own a business or work with a company that needs training solutions?

Easily train employees in one or multiple locations.
Ensure consistent delivery of training at the same level with the same content.
Provide instant test results and completion certificates.
Save time and money by reducing travel.
Customize classes to include your alcohol policies or emphasize points important to your business.