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Responsible Wine Vendor for Retail Food Vendor & Retail Package / Off-Premise

Who Should Take This Course:

Any store employee who has the ability to ring up a sale of wine (includes cashiers, managers and other employees who may occasionally be called to a register to check out a customer buying wine)
Designated Managers in retail food stores, regardless of whether or not they check out wine
Retail Package managers with expired Blue Cards

Eligibility Requirements:
All students must meet the requirements established by the TABC:

Be at least 18 years old
Have not been criminally convicted of violating laws against possession, sale, manufacture or transportation of alcoholic beverages within the last 10 years
Have not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude in the last 10 years

TABC Responsible Wine Vendor Certification (required for any employee or manager that could possibly work a register and ring up a wine sale)

Length of Course: About 2 hours


TABC Responsible Wine Vendor Certification (required for any employee or manager that could possibly work a register and ring up a wine sale)

Anderson County
Johnson City
Knox County
Washington County

Check with your city/county authority about the alcohol training requirements in your area.

Length of Course: About 2 hours

This course is certified by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and fulfills the state training requirements for Responsible Vendor permits.

Find out how to sell wine responsibly and protect yourself from legal liability in this online course. Experienced instructors make learning easy and enjoyable. Lessons include state-specific alcohol laws relevant to your job and TopShelf proprietary CODES of carding, a five-step process to help you properly examine an ID.

What You’ll Learn:
When you complete this course, you will be able to:

Recall the rules for the Responsible Wine Vendor program
Identify types of illegal alcohol sales
Recognize how legal liability affects you and your employer
Understand the effects of alcohol on the body
Recognize the signs of alcohol intoxication
Recognize acceptable forms of identification
Properly ask for and examine an ID

Class Information:
Check the TopShelf Classroom Schedule for important information from your instructor.

Price: See the information in the TopShelf Classroom Schedule for fees and acceptable forms of payment.

This course is only suitable for Responsible Wine Vendor training in the state of Tennessee. It also meets local training requirements in the cities/counties listed.

If you do not see a class scheduled, please contact us at office@topshelfedu.com.