License Renewals Beginning April 1, 2019

An email from the Coty Shadowens, TABC.  April 5, 2019 Good afternoon, In April 2018 TABC licensees were asked to submit an application through the new online Regulatory Licensing Permitting System (“RLPS”) system indicating that the submission was a renewal and including the licensee’s historical license number. Those applications were processed and licensees received a […] Read more

ABC Permit courses offered online!

Yes, today March 15th, TopShelf has an online Server Permit program. TopShelf is very excited to offer Server Permit courses online! Here’s what you need to know to set up your TopShelf account and obtain your Server Permit. Your RLPS# is required before purchasing the course. If you need to know more about the application process […] Read more

Mar, 15, 2019



Sunday Wine Sales Are Here

Beginning Sunday, January 6, 2019 all Retail Food Stores can begin selling wine on Sunday! Store can begin selling at 10:00 AM regardless of the local ordinance. Keep in mind, if local ordinance is 12:00 PM on Sunday, you cannot sell beer until 12:00 PM. See more on the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission website

Name Tag Requirement for Retail Food Stores

What is the TABC requirement on name tags? Real name or nickname? That is the question. The TABC doesn’t really care if employees use a nickname on their name tags. Their concern is that agents know who is and is not properly certified as a Responsible Wine Vendor. If an employee wants their nickname on […] Read more

TABC Audits of Retail Food Stores

It’s renewal time in Tennessee for most Retail Food Stores. This means the TABC is out and auditing, and you need to be ready! Last year was the first year and the TABC did a lot of wrist slapping and consulting on how to do better. This year is different. This is year two and […] Read more

May, 10, 2018



See the ABC Server Permit tutorial

The RPLS will be live January 22. The TABC  has posted a YouTube tutorial on how to use the system to apply for your ABC Server Permit. You will also register for your class through the RPLS System. We do suggest you research classes prior to going on the system and registering. Need your ABC […] Read more


The ABC Server Permit process in Tennessee is going online!

And it’s coming sooner than you think. Beginning February 1, everyone is required to use the new TABC Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System or RLPS to complete the entire ABC Permit process. BEGINNING FEBRUARY 1,  ABC Server Permits, class registration, and keeping up with renewals will require a personal email address. Managers, start working to communicate this […] Read more

New TN Liquor Store Licensing Requirements

Wine in Grocery Stores changed more than just wine sales, it changed how liquor stores complete their licensing renewal process. Here’s what you need to know: Manager Permit – It is required that one manager be permitted. The process: 1. Take a law course also know as Designated Manager 2. Take a Responsible Wine Vendor […] Read more


The TABC launches the online Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System (RLPS)

Here is the notice from the TABC regarding the new online Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System (RLPS): The TABC is excited to announce the launch of the Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System (RLPS) on January 22, 2018. RLPS will allow the agency to more efficiently process licenses and permits, but we will need your help. […] Read more


Compliance Check Urban Myths

The stories run amuck when it comes to compliance checks and who’s friend heard from somebody that someone got “busted” for… First, the TABC is not going to do something that costs them time with no results. They have specific rules and regulations that govern what can and cannot happen with the underage buyer and […] Read more


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