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    Will Cheek, Attorney at Law

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    Patrick, Board Member Prevention Alliance of TN and Executive Director, Community Prevention Coalition of Jackson Co.

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    Amin, Liquor store owner

  • I appreciate your integrity across the board. You have made a very difficult time almost enjoyable.

    Chris Brooks, Kroger Director

  • I am not computer literate but using the TopShelf site is actually fun and easy!

    Brenda, Kroger Manager

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    Brian, Walmart manager

  • I took your RWV course and loved it. I am going to make all of my employees take it now, even if their permit isn’t expired. I don't want my new employees knowing more than my older employees.

    Joe, Liquor store owner

Students & Classes

TopShelf is a leader in responsible beverage service training and education. More than 120,000 servers, sellers and managers have taken our certified alcohol awareness courses. Training with TopShelf is fast, fun and convenient. Just follow these easy steps to earn your certification:

  • Find a class
  • Take the course
  • Pass the test
  • Get your TopShelf certificate of completion (instantly for online courses)
  • Receive your permanent certification in 7 to 10 days

About Training

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What is alcohol awareness training?

Alcohol awareness training is an important part of your job as a server or seller. In most states, you can be held responsible if you make an illegal alcohol sale. You could face criminal or civil penalties if you sell or serve alcohol to minors, intoxicated patrons, known alcoholics or people not in control of their mental faculties. Alcohol awareness training gives you the knowledge you need to perform your job safely and legally.

Online and classroom-style training typically covers these topics:

  • A server/seller’s legal responsibilities
  • The effects of alcohol on the body
  • Techniques to check customer IDs
  • Strategies to prevent problems associated with alcohol service

Some companies like TopShelf offer training classes that have been certified by state regulatory boards. You may be required to attend a certified class and pass an exam before you can apply to your state or local authority for a server/seller permit.

Alcohol education classes can be used as refreshers between permit renewals, or if a business is required to provide remedial training for employees. Many nonprofit coalitions use alcohol awareness courses for community education and volunteer training.

Who should attend alcohol awareness training?

  • Servers, bartenders, bar-backs and managers in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and other locations that sell alcohol for on-premise consumption
  • Clerks, cashiers and managers in grocery, convenience and liquor stores
  • Servers and bartenders who work special events
  • Volunteers and staff with anti-drug coalitions
  • Job seekers who want the advantage of being a certified server

What are on-premise and off-premise alcohol sales?

  • Establishments with on-premise licenses sell alcohol for immediate, on-site consumption.
    • On-premise establishments include restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, casinos, stadiums and special event venues such as fundraisers and public festivals.
    • Employees who need training include servers, bartenders, managers, caterers and special event servers.

  • Establishments with off-premise licenses sell alcohol in sealed containers intended for consumption off the premises.
    • Off-premise establishments include grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores.
    • Employees who need training include cashiers, sales clerks and managers.

Why Choose TopShelf

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Students choose our classes for their convenience, ease of use and great content. Join the thousands of alcohol servers and sellers who have been certified quickly and easily with TopShelf.

  • Classes meet state requirements for server/seller certification
  • Fast turn-around time for certifications
  • Course material is informative and entertaining
  • Scenarios and interactive exercises help you retain what you learn
  • Lessons include state-specific alcohol laws

How quickly can I get certified?

  • The quickest way to get your certification is by taking an online course☨. You can register and take a class today.
  • Classroom-style training is offered daily in many different locations. Most instructors do not require advance registration––just find a class and go.

☨ Depending if the state or company allows online training