• Kim Pouncey knows the law and understands how to make complicated material relevant to servers, retail clerks and managers. Choose TopShelf and get the most out of it for your staff.

    Will Cheek, Attorney at Law

  • Kim Pouncey at TopShelf is absolutely the best alcoholic beverage trainer in Tennessee.

    Will Cheek, Attorney at Law

  • Unlike other programs we have used, everything we need is there. That’s why they call it TopShelf.

    Patrick, Board Member Prevention Alliance of TN and Executive Director, Community Prevention Coalition of Jackson Co.

  • I'm pleased to inform you that I have passed both the exams and I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for your help. I will refer your business to all my friends.

    Amin, Liquor store owner

  • I appreciate your integrity across the board. You have made a very difficult time almost enjoyable.

    Chris Brooks, Kroger Director

  • I am not computer literate but using the TopShelf site is actually fun and easy!

    Brenda, Kroger Manager

  • The site is easy to use and it’s kind of exciting and fun! I love the website and the programs. The User Guide is right on point and very helpful.

    Brian, Walmart manager

  • I took your RWV course and loved it. I am going to make all of my employees take it now, even if their permit isn’t expired. I don't want my new employees knowing more than my older employees.

    Joe, Liquor store owner


Selling and serving alcohol is risky business. You worry about illegal sales, employee permits, fines and penalties––and that’s just for starters. Whether you sell alcohol for on-premise or off-premise consumption, we understand the legal compliance challenges you face. We’ll help reduce your risk with proven employee training programs.

TopShelf training classes:

  • Satisfy state requirements for alcohol awareness education
  • Include state-specific alcohol laws relevant to your situation
  • Can be customized to include your company alcohol policies
  • Reduce risk of illegal alcohol sales
  • Reduce compliance fines
  • Can reduce your company’s insurance premiums
  • Earn you a reputation as a socially responsible seller
Are you sure your company is fully compliant with the alcohol laws in your state? Get on TRAX for the easy and affordable solution to certification tracking and reporting. We developed TRAX after listening to clients and tracking certifications for two decades. We know you demand accuracy, reliability and convenience when it comes to compliance management. TRAX is the solution you can rely on.

TopShelf TRAX compliance tracking system:

  • Allows you to easily manage employee training
  • Tracks certificate status and expiration dates
  • Accepts upload of existing certifications
Contact us to find out how TopShelf can help your business serve and sell alcohol responsibly, stay compliant with the law and contribute to a safer community.

Employee Training

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We want to work with you! It’s your training. Let’s do it your way.

I need training for my employees, quick!
Online Courses
Classroom Training
Private Classes

I want to customize a class by including my company’s alcohol policy.

I want to manage training and track certifications in one convenient place.

Online Courses

It’s challenging to keep employees educated on alcohol risks, especially if you operate in a high-turnover industry. TopShelf online courses offer fast, convenient training opportunities. We combine expert content with leading instructional design principles. Our courses keep students engaged with interactive elements and quizzing to support learner retention.

TopShelf online courses:

  • Meet appropriate state certification requirements
  • Are ideal for employee refresher courses
  • Save time and money by reducing travel
  • Ensure consistent delivery of training content
  • Provide instant test results and completion certificates
  • Include state-specific alcohol laws
  • Include sample state-specific driver licenses and IDs
  • Can be customized to include your alcohol policies––making sure employees hear it correctly the first time!

Ask us how to get started with online training.

Classroom Training

TopShelf produces the most current and entertaining classroom training materials on the market. Our skilled, certified instructors engage the audience and help students apply what they learn to real-life situations.

TopShelf classroom training:

  • Satisfy state requirements for alcohol awareness training
  • Includes applicable state law handouts
  • Includes TopShelf’s patented ID Coder for every student
  • Allows for customization of workbook covers and policy materials
  • Volume discounts for multiple stores

Find a trainer or class and get started today.

Customized Courses

When you partner with TopShelf to customize an online class, you’re making responsible beverage service training more relevant for your workplace. Help employees apply training lessons to real-life situations with these options:
  • Include your company’s alcohol policies in specific courses.
    • You reduce compliance risk when you deliver clear, consistent policy information.
    • You’ll have an audit trail when employees read and electronically agree to company policies.
  • Insert your branding or leadership message.
    • Brand classes with your logo and tagline.
    • Stress the importance of compliance training with video messages from your business leaders.
  • Use your own company stories or vignettes.
    • Apply lessons to your workplace by including your company stories.
    • Include a video from your executive or HR leadership team.
    • Use your own employees as actors in video vignettes to bring home important points.

Get in touch with us about customizing courses to suit your workplace.

Private Classes

If you prefer onsite, classroom-style training, TopShelf trainers can travel to your location to conduct private classes. Contact us to design a training solution that works for your business.

TRAX Compliance Management System

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Manage training, track certifications and produce reports in one convenient place with TRAX, TopShelf’s compliance management system. You reduce the risk of violations when you centralize compliance management. Whether you have one store or hundreds of locations, TRAX is a reliable and affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

What can you do when you’re on TRAX?

Manage Classes
  • Enjoy convenient classes delivered via a user-friendly system
  • Set privileges and controls at the corporate or store level
  • Know at a glance which employees need to be trained
  • Automate student notification and management approvals
  • Provide instant test results and completion certificates
Track Certifications
  • Track class progress and scores
  • Upload existing certifications
  • Track certificate expiration dates by location or employee
  • Detect potential compliance violations
  • Transfer employee certifications from store to store
Report Results
  • Produce reports by company or store
  • Print documents for employee files
  • Produce state-required reports where available

Is it time for your company to get on TRAX? Contact us to learn more.