ABC Permit courses offered online!

Yes, today March 15th, TopShelf has an online Server Permit program.

TopShelf is very excited to offer Server Permit courses online! Here’s what you need to know to set up your TopShelf account and obtain your Server Permit.

Your RLPS# is required before purchasing the course. If you need to know more about the application process and registering through the RLPS click here.

Completed course results are submitted to the TABC the following business morning. The TABC generally issues Server Permits within 24-48 hours of receiving course submissions.

The TABC requires you to meet the eligibility requirements listed and documents uploaded into the RLPS must be legible. If you are not yet 18 years old DO NOT take the course. Those not 18 during the application process will be denied and required to re-apply once they are 18.

A server is not eligible for a permit if they:

  • Are not at least 18 years old.
  • Have been convicted of a felony in the previous 4 years.
  • In the previous (8) years, been convicted of:
    • Any crime relating to the sale, distribution, or dispensing of alcoholic beverages, schedule 1 or 2 controlled substances, or controlled substance analogues
    • embezzlement, or any sex related crime
    • Had ownership or interest in an establishment in which the license was revoked.
    • Had a felony offense involving theft, dishonesty, deceit, or intoxication
    • Are on judicial diversion for any of the above.
  • Have had any permit issued in other jurisdictions revoked in the previous (5) years.
  • Do not have a valid social security number or work permit number belonging to themselves.

The TABC will contact you by email if there are any questions or problems with your application. You are expected to rectify issues within 30 days! After 30 days your RLPS account will be deleted and  the application process starts over, meaning a second $20.00 application fee is required.

Mar, 15, 2019