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Instructor Certification: Responsible Vendor / Off-Premise

Who Should Take This Course:

People who want to teach certification courses to clerks and managers in grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores or any retail establishment that sells alcohol for off-premise consumption
Nonprofit coalitions that teach alcohol awareness courses for community education purposes

Eligibility Requirements:

See your local ordinances for eligibility You must be at least 21 years old.
You must give permission to TopShelf for a TBI background check, conducted at your expense. for the Responsible Vendor program.

TopShelf Certificate of Completion that allows you to:

Obtain certification from the TABC to teach classes that certify students for permits OR
Teach classes for community education purposes only and do not certify students for licensure’
Length of Course:About three (3) hours

This is a TABC-certified course for people who want to either teach certification classes for employees or teach community alcohol awareness courses. You will learn how to:

Equip clerks and managers with the knowledge needed to sell alcohol legally and responsibly
Cover state-specific alcohol laws
Use the TopShelf proprietary CODES of carding, a five-step process to help you properly examine an ID

What You’ll Learn:
Learn how to conduct a class from a instructor’s viewpoint and experience a class from a student’s perspective. At the end of the class, you will be able to:

Recognize how legal liability affects employees and employers
Recognize the employee’s role in alcohol service and public safety
Understand alcohol’s effects, including blood alcohol concentration, absorption and elimination
Recognize intoxicated individuals
Recognize acceptable IDs in your state
Accurately check IDs to prevent underage sales
Refuse alcohol service and handle difficult situations

Class Information:
The class includes:

Your Instructor Kit and the cost of your certification class
Submission of your certification letter to state, city or county boards (additional state, city/county fees may apply)

The program materials contain a minimum of three hours and up to eight hours of teachable information. At completion, you are eligible to purchase TopShelf Responsible Beverage Service student materials for $14.50 each (must be ordered in multiples of 10).

Price: $275

Register for this class: Contact us at office@topshelfedu.com for registration information for individuals and nonprofit coalitions.